What's Inside?

  A monthly subscription box delivered to your door filled with premium jiu-jitsu and grappling apparel, equipment, supplements, supplies, snacks and more. We find the best in the world of jiu-jitsu and guarantee every box to be worth double the cost! Each box includes 4-7 items you’re going to love.   

Always for Grapplers

Stuff we all use and need month-after-month from name brands we know and new ones we'd like to meet!


We Know What You Want!

Everyone at The BJJ Box trains jiu-jitsu just like you. We've been there, at every rank, we know what grapplers need and want from experience. We also listen to subscriber feedback on what's good and what isn't. 


Don't wait, start your subscription today. You'll be charged immediately for your first box. Boxes ship out once a month during the last week of the month. If you miss the cut off date, which is 13 days before the end of the month, then you will get a box the following month, but will not be charged again until after you've received your first box. Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime. 

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Shirt Size, Belt Rank, Gender, Waist Size, Etc.

2. We curate your box

We pack your box with the greatest jiu-jitsu gear from name brand vendors!

3. Enjoy and Go Train!

You get your box and put all that new gear to good use!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the box ship and when am I billed?  

The BJJ Box is shipped via USPS Priority Mail around the 25th of every month. The cut-off date for each month is the 19th of each month. So if you order before the 19th you will get that month’s BJJ Box. If you order after the 19th you will get a BJJ Box for the following month. You are billed for your initial box when you sign up, and then on the 1st of every month thereafter. Unless you signed up between the 19th and 1st, in that case you won’t be billed again until the first of the following month, after you receive your first box.  

Can I skip months or cancel at any time?  

You can skip a month or to or even cancel if you have to at any time. As long as you cancel before the 1st of the month you will not be billed again. If you cancel after the 1st you will receive that box that you paid, but none after. If for any reason you need to skip a month but don’t want to cancel you can do that too. Login to your account to make any changes needed.   

How do I track my order?  

Boxes are packed and shipped within a 3 day window around the 24th of every month. Once your box is shipped you will receive an email with the USPS tracking details.   

Can I switch my size or belt rank? Or how about changing the box?    

Of course! Log in to your account at any time to adjust shirt size, belt rank, address, credit card, anything you need. Since we offer different boxes you can also move up or down in the type of box you want. Once you have made a change to the type of box you want, it will go into effect on the next billing cycle.   

Are you ready to subscribe to The BJJ Box yet?