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Every quarter you'll receive tons of great stuff desired by grapplers of every belt rank!

Easy To Order

Just pick which box you'd like to order, let us know your shirt size, belt rank, and a few more details. 

Always On Time

Orders are packed and shipped the last week of each quarter so that they're delivered in a timely fashion.

Fits Any Budget

Whether you're looking for just the shirt, the Quarterly box, The Rashguard Box, or the largest item The BJJ Box Crate, every BJJ Box is packed with great value!


All of the items included were curated just for grapplers just like you!

What Is The BJJ Box?

Jiu-jitsu's favorite quarterly subscription box delivered to your door filled with premium jiu-jitsu and grappling apparel, equipment, supplements, supplies, snacks and more. We find the best in the world of jiu-jitsu and guarantee every box to be worth more than the cost! Each box includes 4-7 items you’re going to love.   

How It Works

1. Set Your Preferences

Shirt Size, Belt Rank, Gender, Waist Size, Etc.

2. We Curate Your Box

We pack your box with the greatest jiu-jitsu gear from name brand vendors!

3. Enjoy And Go Train!

You get your box and put all that new gear to good use!

What's Inside The Box?

We use our exceptional buying power to negotiate the absolute best deals from brand name jiu-jitsu manufacturers. Being a subscriber gets you the best deals on great gear because we use it ourselves!


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Beating the BJJ Blue Belt Blues

The blue belt, the first colored belt, takes time to achieve. In many ways, earning a blue belt can feel like earning a black belt. The blue belt can feel like a lifetime of work in and of itself. There are a few common reasons as to why people may stop practicing jiu jitsu at blue belt, these can include: learning curve/difficulty, family/work commitments, loss of Interest, injuries, financial burdens and more.

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Can Learning Judo Help to Improve Your BJJ?

Can learning/ cross-training Judo help improve your BJJ? Journalist Lucy Wynne finds out for The BJJ Box, who also speaks with Great Britain Black Belt Judoka and BJJ Purple Belt, Conor Murphy to find out – and if so, how and why? This article isn’t to compare the two, but more to see how learning Judo can help to compliment your BJJ game.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at White Belt

Tackling the sport of BJJ as a brand new white belt can be incredibly daunting and challenging. For most people, just walking into a martial arts gym and trying a class is intimidating. It’s not easy starting anything as a beginner, especially in a new environment. Even if you’re an experienced grappler starting at a new gym, these feelings can return based on unfamiliarity – it is totally normal to feel anxious when starting out.

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Switching BJJ Gyms for the First Time

Thinking of switching gyms? Maybe you have found yourself moving city? Or fleeing out of the country for work? Perhaps you want to move to a closer or cheaper gym? Sometimes relocating from university, or moving locations due to a new job can make it difficult to find a gym that’s right for you again.Whatever the reason, when you start at a new gym it is usually a little bit daunting; especially if you don’t know anyone who trains at your new gym.

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Grip Strength Training Basics for Grapplers with Daniel Strauss AKA The Raspberry Ape

Journalist Lucy Wynne investigates basic grip strengthening tips for grapplers for The BJJ Box with ADCC, EBI and Polaris veteran, UK BJJ 2nd Degree Black Belt, and grip training connoisseur, Daniel Strauss AKA the Raspberry Ape. We can’t go too into detail as there is a lot to cover and there’s a plethora of ways to increase grip strength but we are going to focus on the basics.

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BJJ Tournament Tips and Advice

BJJ competitions are a great way to test your BJJ skills against an evenly matched opponent. Your first few BJJ competitions will be nerve-racking, so any advice that could help you to prepare is crucial. Journalist Lucy Wynne speaks to serial competitors Giva Santana Brown Belt, Michael ‘Reige’ Tatum from the United States and 7-0 Pro MMA fighter and Dean Lister Black Belt Luc “Doberman” Rosseau from France to get the inside scoop on tips and advice for competing at BJJ tournaments.

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It’s My First Box And I Love It!

Raeschel Marler - Mustang, OK

All The Items Were Of Good Quality, And Well Worth The Price For The Box, I Look Forward To Seeing Next Month's Box.

Ryan Duren - Tumon, GU

It's Obvious You Guys Put A Lot Of Thought Into What Goes Into The Box And How It Compliments Previous Months. Keep Up The Good Work!

Jonah Cunningham - Washington, DC